Growing up I worked at a JD Sports and a chip shop; hardly glamourous, I know, but look at me now, baby!

Several of my other friends, however, got in the babysitting game, and from what they told me I really missed a trick.

Objectively, kids are OK (not the best) but the fully-stocked fridge, Sky TV and adult-free house is enough of a lure to make it all worthwhile.

Having said that, you still wouldn’t do it for free would you, or even for ‘free ice cream and a day of fun’, especially when you’d agreed on a fee of $16 (£12) an hour beforehand.

Well, this is what happened to one unlucky sitter.

Taking to Reddit, user VortexThing shared a series of messages that had been exchanged by her sister, and the nightmare mother refusing to pay.

Have a look below, it’s pretty staggering behaviour.


This isn’t even bad parenting, this is just someone who’s a bad person. I’m infuriated she even had the audacity to behave that way – people are such d*cks.

Since the post was shared on Reddit, it’s received over 4,000 comments with many saying the babysitter should take action in a small claims court.

Here’s what they said:


It’s unknown what the babysitter decided to afterwards, but I hope to God she managed to get her money off the woman.

However, the real victim in all this is the kids. Imagine that being your mum.

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