I’m going to get this right off the bat: we’re talking about a child here.

14 year-old star of Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown, has already done more impressive things in her life than I will ever achieve.

Do you know what I was doing at 14? Hanging around with a bad crowd and getting off to Britney Spears music videos.

I don’t even think I was capable of forming an actual opinion back then.

Some people, however, seem to have forgotten what it was like to be that age, as they’ve jumped on MBB for her somewhat controversial opinion on Penn Badgley’s You character Joe Goldberg.

The Netflix show basically tells the story of a bookshop manager who becomes obsessed with a young author and stalks her.

Weirdly, the character has been the object of desire for some twisted minds, and when Millie spoke out to defend him, people didn’t like it.

In a now-deleted Instagram story, Millie said she loves You, but she also said she thought Joe, played by Penn, wasn’t a stalker. Instead, she said she thinks he’s a romantic.

“So I just started that new show You… He’s not creepy, he’s in love with her and it’s okay… By the way, I know everybody is gonna say ‘Ahhh, he’s a stalker, why would you support that?!’ But like, he’s in love with her… just watch the show and don’t judge me on my opinion,” she said.


Now, most normal adults would think to themselves ‘hey, this is the misguided opinion of a child who has absolutely no idea what’s she talking about because she’s never lived in the real world,’ and then proceed to get on with their day.

Others, though, felt the need to publicly condemn her musings:

Others stepped in to defend her and asked people to ‘stop harassing’ the teenager online.

This person hit the nail on the head:

Those who were worried about the teenager will be pleased to know that she now seems to have changed her position on Joe, though.

“So I just finished You and, I guess the other day I made a video. I was on episode two, I guess I gathered an analysis too quickly,” Brown told her followers in an Instagram story.

“I just watched episode ten, most definitely is a stalker, but it was a really great show so I’m really excited for season two. My bad if I upset anyone.”

Still, this story just goes to show what thrusting a youngster into the spotlight can do: people genuinely treat her like an adult.

She’s fourteen – no fourteen year-old should have that much weight to what they say.

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