Monopoly really isn’t a game for the faint-hearted.

You embark on a ‘friendly’ family game and three hours later there’s been more tears, tantrums and tiffs than you can shake a stick at.

Every single household has their own dramatic ‘Monopoly’ story.

Mine happened when I was about 11, and furious about the fact someone had taken the green properties, I then proceeded to land on said greens and lose all my money.

I flipped the board, the thimble and the Scottie dog went flying and I got a well-deserved b*llocking off me ma’.

With that being said, Monopoly is as much a staple of Christmas as turkey and baby Jesus himself.

Its iconic status as a festive game has even led to many different versions of it, all novel and ultimately less interesting and fun than the original – apart from the Lord of the Rings one, of course.

That one is great.

And the latest themed Monopoly game to emerge before Xmas is, quite frankly, genius.

In case you hadn’t worked it out (which would be weird when it’s in the headline) it’s Millennial Monopoly.


Yep, Millennial Monopoly is here to remind us… millennials that we’re infinitely worse off than our parents and buying property is a mere pipe-dream.

Hasbro are getting rid of actual real estate because ‘you can’t afford it anyway’, and instead the game will focus on experiences because that’s all us young folk really have these days.

In the product description, Hasbro goes on to explain how the game works:

“Money doesn’t always buy a great time, but experiences, whether they’re good – or weird – last forever. The Monopoly for Millennials game celebrates just that.

Instead of collecting as much cash as possible, players are challenged to rack up the most Experiences to win.

Travel around the gameboard discovering and visiting cool places to eat, shop, and relax. Interact with other players via Chance and Community Chest cards, (which are super relatable). And players don’t pay rent — they visit one another, earning more Experience points.

Adulting is hard; take a break from the rat race with this edition of the Monopoly game.”

How utterly millennial.

Sadly, the game is currently only available on Walmart for $19.82, but you’d imagine it’ll be coming over to our shores sooner rather than later.

I have to say I quite like the idea of this; whether or not it gets rid of family arguments remains to be seen, but at least it can be as bad as the version with the PIN/credit card nonsense.

What a way to suck all the fun out of a classic game that was.

Images via Hasbro