There’s a lot to unpack with this little story.

What was the initial confrontation about that resulted in such a newsworthy fracas? Why did the teenage daughter run off instead of hashing it out with her mother? Why did the mum resort to throwing a slider? How was the throw so inhumanly good? Why didn’t the girl zigzag? You can’t have such proficient cannons for arms without having previous.

In the video, an unnamed woman in an undisclosed part of Mexico (we know all the facts here) can be seen chasing her daughter of the house and onto the street, where said daughter makes haste down the road.

Just when you’d have thought that all hope was lost, the mother then took off her flip flop and launched it straight and true, resembling Nicholas Angel in Hot Fuzz with the can of spray paint.

The flip flip soars though the air and finally makes contact with the daughter, who’s managed to put a fair amount of distance between her mother and herself. The daughter then crashes to the ground and the camera pans to the mother, who’s in hysterics to such a degree that she maintains herself by leaning on a car.

It’s remarkable.

Now, this wouldn’t be the internet unless a few people were calling it a fake, and that’s exactly what’s happening in the comments… I think. I don’t speak Spanish unless I’m drunk in a taxi, so this response is totally lost on me…

Not a clue.

Again, not a Spanish speaker but I think these are questioning the legitimacy of the video…

I choose to believe in magic, and that was a remarkable throw.

Obviously I’m not condoning violence, least of all to one’s children but sometimes you just have to appreciate something for what it is.

Images via Twitter