We all dream of living the lives of the rich and famous, don’t we?

Before the advent of Instagram and social media, one of the only real windows we got into the lives of A-listers was through MTV’s iconic show, Cribs, which sees celebs invite us into their homes to have a nosy around.

Growing up I used to binge the hell out of it (before binging was even a thing) with that and Pimp My Ride pretty much being the reason why I begged my parents for Sky TV.

Although Tim Westwood absolutely ruined the British version of Pimp My Ride.

There’s been some stellar moment over the years on the show, but Mariah Carey’s – where she changes outfit about 20 times – stands out as one of the most ridiculous.

And hopefully there’ll be plenty more moments like that as MTV UK are reviving the show for 8 x 30 minute episodes!

According to Deadline, production will begin filming this spring before airing later this year on MTV UK.

In addition to the show, five shortform episodes entitled Geordie Cribs are set to be produced which will feature past and present castmembers of Geordie Shore giving tours around their homes.

They had to ruin it didn’t they?

The episodes will be available on Facebook Watch, YouTube and MTV’s international web and social platforms from 25 Feb.

Kelly Bradshaw, VP of MTV UK, said:

With its firmly cemented status as a cult hit programme, Cribs remains one of the most-loved shows in MTV history. The new series is set to be warm and funny, giving MTV audiences a sneak peak into how their favourite stars live.”

I really hope they don’t get naff celebrities doing it. I want the really big hitters, not Kem and Chris from Love Island or one of the Cheeky Girls.

As I read into this my childhood was somewhat ruined by the claims that some of the episodes were faked. Apparently Robbie Williams used actress Jane Seymour’s house and Ja Rule’s “mansion” was actually a four day rental property that he ended up being sued over because he trashed the place.

That guy’s a jerk.

Anyway, there’s no further details on this so I guess my article is done. I imagine it will be on MTV UK… soon.

Is MTV even still a channel?

Images via MTV/MTV UK