I’ve got a few friends who are teachers and from what they tell me, teaching is hard.

It’s not just the hours spent marking and lesson planning that they say takes its toll, but the difficult battle they face in keeping kids engaged and behaving properly in classes.

In truth, I really don’t envy them.

I especially don’t envy them when they’re getting things thrown at them, which is exactly what happened in this next case which seems to be dividing people.

13-year-old Katie Freeman has been suspended from school for throwing a Haribo sweet at the deputy head during a Children in Need fun day when kids were permitted to chuck wet sponges at members of staff at the Market Bosworth School, in Leicestershire.

The gummy bear reportedly hit the deputy head in the chest sparking an investigation into which child threw it.

Katie was then placed into isolation for two days before being excluded from lessons for a full day.

School principal Stuart Wilson wrote to Katie’s parents to let them know their daughter was being suspended for “physical assault against an adult”, adding, “the decision to exclude Katie has not been taken lightly”. This accusation will reportedly be kept on Katie’s permanent record and she will have to attend weekly meetings about her “behaviour and attitude.”

Unsurprisingly, Katie’s mum, 52-year-old Sue Freeman, has taken issue with the punishment.

She said:

 “I’m so angry. I want people to know how petty our education system has got.

“I’ve never been called in before because of her behaviour. I’m absolutely disgusted.”

Sue also said Katie has now been told she will now not be allowed to attend an £850 school ski trip to Italy which the family had already paid for.

“She’s absolutely gutted abut it,” Sue added.

“The school have said they’ll get the money back to us but the family have already spent hundreds of pounds on ski gear for her – it was going to be a Christmas present.”

This is quite a difficult story to comment on; on the one hand the mother’s grievance with the school rather than her daughter’s behaviour is wrong, but on the other hand, you can see where she’s coming from as it seems like a genuine mistake that could have happened to anyone.

It does seem like they’ve gone a bit over the top with the punishment.

I don’t know – I’ll let you guys have it out in the comments.

Images via Sue Freeman/SWNS/Getty