I used to live next to a bloke who, every Christmas, would put up a load of tacky Xmas decorations that would use up most of the street’s electricity allowance.

You know the ones I’m referring to; fake snowman in the garden, Rudolph on the roof, various neon fairy lights and bells all over the gaff – all manner of cheap tat.

I hated them and I hated him, and usually I’d tar all the types who put that sh*t out with the same judgmental brush.

However, there’s a house in America with a load of Halloween props outside it that might just have changed my mind on the whole thing.

Sami Campagnano noticed that the house next door to her goes all out for Halloween, placing several skeleton props in different hilarious situations.

Sami noticed that the neighbour was changing them everyday, and understandably felt the need to share them with the internet.

Here’s the best ones:

How great are they?

Hats off to the person for being bothered enough to do it – they must really love Halloween.

People were obviously loving it:

Warms your…bones, doesn’t it?

Images via Twitter/Sami Campagnano