Since the dawn of time men have tried to work out what women like when it comes to a suitor and for the most part, the answer is a someone who’s not a totally entitled creep.

However, as long as there’s been suitable partners, there’s always been bad boys who somehow manage to steal the limelight. Not in a ‘nice guys finish last’ kind of way (because this is true for guys liking “bad girls” too, it just never gets acknowledged for some reason), but just in the way that people like to be excited.

With that said, there’s a difference between wearing a leather jacket and murdering 30 women and as always, there’s someone who takes normal conventions too far.

So when the Netflix documentary about Ted Bundy came out, showing him in a surprisingly good light, it wasn’t long until people started swooning.

The documentary highlights him utilising his supposed handsomeness and charm, as well as the Zac Efron film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, so before long, people took to Twitter with thoughts like this…

With that, Netflix decided to chime in, level-headed as always…

Weird how Netflix addressed itself as a singular.

What’s weirder is that, probably, the second most sought after man on the service is Joe Goldbery from You, who is also a psychopath.

Millennials are so weird. There really is no pleasing them… us?

Try not to fancy just the worst people. Here’s a picture of Jude Law and Michael B Jordan to cleanse you…


Images via Getty, Netflix