While Netflix’s four-part docu series about Ted Bundy was very good, a lot of the attention it received was about Bundy’s representation.

The documentary highlights him utilising his supposed handsomeness and charm and apparently it started to have an effect on viewers too.

I understand that some women are attracted to a ‘bad boy’ but there’s a difference between smoking a cigarette and not wearing your seat-belt and some of the heinous crimes Bundy committed.

Netflix kindly wanted to remind people of that fact.

The Zac Efron thing didn’t help either.

Anyway, chances are you’ve finished the series by now and are on the hunt for more true-crime goodness.

Well, you’re in luck, because Netflix have revealed a list of docs to watch if you enjoyed the series.

That should keep you ticking over for all of erm… this weekend.

This comes after fans spotted a detail between two of Netflix’s hottest – not in the sense of ‘looks’ but popularity –  characters.

It concerns You’s Joe Goldberg – another sinister individual – and the fact he might have been based on Bundy.

Reddit user KristaMarie95 said:

I was watching the new Ted Bundy documentary on Netflix and something really stuck out to me. Apparently Carol Boone, his advocate and wife, called Ted “Bunny.”

“This reminded me of all the times we hear Candace [from You] call Joe “Bunny” in the show. This could be a coincidence but I thought it was an interesting connection.”

I couldn’t possibly tell you if that was intended but it really doesn’t seem that implausible.

To be honest, I’m personally getting a bit fed-up with this whole true-crime craze anyway. It seems like Netflix have stumbled across a hidden gem and now they’re going mad pumping it out.

I wouldn’t expect it to change anytime soon, though.

Images via Netflix/Twitter