Black Mirror is the one show that truly, truly frightens me.

Charlie Brooker’s science fiction anthology series is a terrifyingly dark, no-holds barred social commentary on a number of contemporary topics and issues, providing a pessimistic and bleak outlook on the future of humanity and our over-reliance on technology.

There’s also some pretty heartwarming episodes too – who could forget San Junipero?

In terms of a news series, though, little is known, apart from the rumours that the Christmas special of the show would star Miley Cyrus and somehow be interactive, which would be mind-blowingly cool.

However, seemingly out of nowhere, Netflix have officially added the teaser image for the new episode, which is actually a feature-length film entitled Bandersnatch.

Check out the teaser below:

Yep, that’s all you get, plus the caption:

“Be right back.”

How mysterious – although if you remember, one of the older episodes featuring Domhnall Gleeson being turned into an attic-dwelling robot was also called “Be Right Back”.

Are the two linked?

Aside from that, the word ‘film’ can be seen alongside some screenshots from older episodes.

There’s also the infamous loading screen image from the show.

Similarly, if you search for “Bandersnatch” on your mobile, it brings up another telling detail:

Important things to pick up from that are that the feature will be an hour and 30 minutes long, as well as the fact it says ‘2018’, so we can expect it to be with us fairly soon.

It also has a 15 age certificate, which should come as no surprise to anyone.

Furthermore, if you’re wondering what a “Bandersnatch” actually is, it’s a creature with a long neck and snapping jaws created by Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland) in his 1871 poem ‘Jabberwocky’.

How that relates to the episode, I have no idea, but the new series is due to premiere on Netflix on 28th December so we’ll be sure to know more by then.

Whatever happens, I think we can be fairly certain that the new series/film will f*ck each and every one of our brains and leave us questioning everything.

I can’t wait.