There’s simply no escaping the true-crime craze which is sweeping across Netflix at the moment.

I guess it all started with Making A Murderer, with Netflix capitilising on its immense popularity with shows of a similar ilk including MindHunter, Evil Genius and the upcoming Conversations With A Killer – which is about the infamous Ted Bundy.

I don’t what it is but I’ve just never got into them; they’re a bit too warped for my precious, innocent mind.

I’ll stick to Marie Kondo and Dogs thank you very much.

However, plenty of you rascals out there do like the dark and depraved, which is good news, because there’s a new show which might have slipped through your net. And it’s leaving viewers dumbfounded.

Abducted In Plain Sight centres on a young girl getting kidnapped not once, but twice by the same man.

The hour and a half-long feature-length documentary follows the story of the Broberg family back in the 1970’s, who met a nice man, before he ended up becoming one of their best friends.

Little did they know, he was putting on a sinister and twisted act as part of a wider plan.

The documentary reveals how the family were subject to brainwashing, blackmail, arson, death threats, and ‘alien abduction’.

In particular, he had terrible plans for the Broberg’s 12-year-old daughter, Jan, whom he kidnaps.

Jan was returned five weeks later after the initial kidnapping, and told her parents and the courts that “nothing had happened” which paved the way for Jan’s second abduction.

Berchtold abducted Jan again in 1976, and secretly enrolled her in a Catholic girls’ school in California, where he visited her on weekends and posed as her father.

Honestly just talking about it makes my skin crawl, and only serves to remind me why I don’t watch this kind of stuff.

Check out the trailer below:

People have already started watching the show, which has been described as “jaw-dropping” by some.

If you’re into this sort of thing, then this is absolutely unmissable TV.

Let me know what it’s like, because like HELL I’m watching it.

Images via Twitter/Netflix/YouTube