A lot of recent Netflix talk has been around the likes of Bird Box, Black Mirror and You – and all for good reason, they’re great shows/films.

With all this exciting content whizzing at you from left, right and centre, another of the streaming platform’s brightest shows, Sex Education might have alluded you, but we’re here to bring in to your attention.

Thank us later.

The British series follows a teenager called Otis whose mum is a therapist – so he decides to do one better by opening his very own underground clinic for his classmates.

Since landing on the platform last week, audiences have been quick to praise it’s portrayal of adolescent life as well as the show’s handling of sensitive issues.

It has a 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (although that doesn’t count for much these days), with critics also loving it.

BT wrote: “A classic teen comedy, which holds nothing back as it dives into the messy world of teenage bedrooms (as well as bathrooms, cafeterias and school grounds).

The first great show of 2019″

The Atlantic‘s Sophie Gilbert referred to it as a woke raunch comedy’, while Paste Magazine‘s Amy Glynn said it is a decidedly raunchy and thoroughly adorable coming-of-age dramedy’.

However, it’s the show’s obvious comparison to Channel 4’s cult series Skins that has people talking.

Vulture Hound has called the show “the Skins of modern times” and “Skins’ predecessor” and others have been quick to make the comparison.

And this comes after Netflix announced the show is on track to be seen by 40 million subscribers after just one month.

It’s an absolute must-watch.

Images via Netflix/Twitter