Don’t judge a book by its cover. Netflix’s completely ridiculous new dating show Sexy Beasts has just dropped and we’re totally into it.

The show follows a batch of singletons sporting life-like prosthetic masks as they attempt to discover their soulmate by personality alone.

A description for the show reads: “Hoping to say goodbye to superficial dating, real-life singles sport elaborate makeup and prosthetics to put true blind-date chemistry to the test.”

The first season of the hotly-anticipated show has now landed on the streaming giant, and the verdicts are in.

One Twitter user said: “Just watched the first episode of Sexy Beasts 10/10”

Another wrote: “Sexy Beasts might be my new Binge why is it so funny.”

“Please this sexy beasts show is WILD,” said a third.

While a fourth commented: “I am gonna binge this aren’t I?! #sexybeasts”

But not all the critics have agreed.

A section of a New York Times review reads: “A grotesque dating show where contestants wear elaborate “Zoobilee Zoo” makeup as part of a hollow claim of avoiding superficiality.”

When talking about a moment where two of the participants began to make out, the review continues: “Not only was the imagery of their conflicting species off-putting, but the woman’s makeup smeared into the guy’s glued-on animal fur mask, like frost rubbing into a vintage doll’s matted hair.”

The critic concluded: “This show is beneath our dignity.”

We’re not going to lie – that review just made us even more intrigued.

The Telegraph’s Ed Power called the show a “massively disturbing and painful attempt to mix and match the DNA of Love Island, The Masked Singer and The Island of Doctor Moreau.”

Adding: “Sexy Beasts is just another tawdry reality show. And that, far from a squawk on the wild side, it’s ultimately a bit of a bungle in the dating jungle.”

Meanwhile, CNN’s Brian Lowry said that “the main regret after “Sexy Beasts” will be the decision to waste much time watching it.”

While she appreciated the show’s state of the art masks, Digital Spy’s Laura Jane Turner said that the new Netflix show “falls flat.”

Adding: “We can’t help but feel like there may be some kinks that need to get ironed out in this format before it can really take off.”

But it’s not all bad.

Grace Henry, from Radio Times, said: “Sexy Beasts might not be your type on paper, but it’s actually fun, cute and serves us dating with a difference in an age of endless hot singles strutting and flaunting themselves on camera.”

Metro’s Harry Fletcher admitted he was new to the “stranger breed of dating shows” – and he isn’t a fan.

He summed up the show, saying: “The biggest problem is, the show doesn’t know where to stand on its own premise.

“It seems unsure whether to ridicule its own construct and be irreverent, or go for the moral message and preach about the value of personality over beauty.”

Okay, so the critics may not have enjoyed the unconventional spectacle that is Sexy Beasts, but how can you not be captivated by this completely bizarre premise.

Originally a BBC Three programme, the resurrected version is streaming now on Netflix – and a second series has been confirmed.

Have you watched the new series? What did you think?