I’ve tried numerous times to get on board with horror films but every time I’m reminded of what a wimp I am and that I absolutely cannot stand being frightened.

It all stems back to an incident I had as a child when I essentially got stuck in a haunted house because I refused to carry on through it (there were some weird Chucky dolls in there).

They had to get a huge ladder to a nearby window and carry me down kicking and streaming. Ever since that fateful moment I’ve been dead against horror.

I realise that’s not ideal given the nature of my job and that I have to pretend I’ve seen ‘The Haunting Of Hill House’ and such, but hey, I’m a pretty convincing fibber.

Which brings me onto Hereditary, which I definitely have seen and boooooooy was that scary.

I’m just joking I haven’t seen it (told you I was convincing) but the general consensus was that it was one of the scariest films of 2018.

Well, The Lodge looks like an early contender for the freakiest movie of 2019, with plenty of people commenting on how it’s giving them Hereditary vibes.

The film recently premiered at Sundance Film Festival, and follows a woman who is snowed in with her fiance’s two children when some seriously demonic events start to happen.

As I say, critics have been tweeting about how the film reminds them of Hereditary, which I assume is a good thing if you’re a fright fan.

Jake Howell for The Film Stage writes:

“Comparisons to Ari Aster’s Hereditary are legitimate from pretty much the opening scene of The Lodge, Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz’s follow-up to Goodnight Mommy that mixes fanatic Christianity and a snowbound setting for a slow-burning freakshow. Fortunately, despite these many similarities, The Lodge successfully deviates by its chilling finale into something all its own.”

Eric Kohn writing for Indiewire says:

“At its best, the minimalist setting creates the haunting impression of “The Others” in the woods, with hints of the precise formalism that made last year’s “Hereditary” such a haunting immersion.”

People seem pretty excited by the film:


Needless to say I won’t be watching this film but I’m sure plenty of you will be.

Let me know if it lives up this early hype.

Images via Twitter/A24