I always liked the idea of being one of those people who made their own clothes, with people saying to me “oohh that’s nice; where’d you get it?” and me being all “ha! I made it myself,” but I have the wonderful combination of being both uncommitted and untalented so that’s out of the question.

With that said, I did dye a pair of my jeans that got too faded yesterday. I don’t mean to brag but they look pretty blue right about now.

The issues don’t end with me not knowing how to work a sewing machine though; oh no, I don’t even slightly have the fashion wherewithal to know what may or may not be cool in the coming months.

I mean, I absolutely would have not been able to predict asymmetrical jeans and while I’m not sure these are going to take off, they’re certainly the sort of bold design that gets you noticed.

They’re not even slightly perfectly balanced.

So you have one flared leg and one fitted leg. I don’t know about these, to be honest. They make it look like one of your legs is really far away.

They look like they’re made for one of the supporting Ents in Lord of the Rings.

Right, that’s probably enough pop-culture references?

The jeans come courtesy of Ksenia Schnaider and are currently available via pre-order online for $374.

Buy some?

I won’t but you know, it’s nice to know I can now. You could follow me on Twitter though @AlfiePowell. All of the cool kidz are.

Images via Ksenia Schnaider, Warner Bros, Disney, iStock