This year, many celebrities have been shown in an unfavourable light as ill-humoured tweets from earlier in their careers resurfaced, offending many, who called for public apologies or for the stars to lose their jobs.

In that vein, Kevin Hart stepped down from hosting the Oscars, since tweets of his from nearly ten years ago showed him expressing homophobic attitudes with offensive language and jokes.

The event transpired to be polarising, as many were happy with the comedian stepping down, but others cited a double standard and a lack of belief in personal growth.

Comedian, rapper and actor Nick Cannon is one of the latter, who believes that a double standard is being shown by the press and critics, as he pulled up old offensive tweets from other comedians who were never called out.

The tweets come from Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer and Chelsea Handler, who all used homophobic language…

It’s an interesting point that Cannon raises. Is there a pardon given for some people that others won’t be afforded? So far it looks like that, but equally, the tweets from the comedians above may now receive the backlash they probably deserve.

Hart’s tweets were a plenty, and among them were ones like these…

The truth is, pretty much everyone said things ten years ago that would raise eyebrows now. Personal growth is possible, and the important thing is realising that you were wrong back when you said things like that.

If Kevin Hart or any of these comedians were still saying offensive things to get a rise then yes, that’s bad. Thankfully, most of them aren’t now.

But then this is all coming from someone who hasn’t been victimised by any of the offensive terminology that has resurfaced in recent months, so I could be way off.

Images via Twitter, Getty