Can’t remember what you did last night? This club has it covered.

With lockdown lifted and nights on the town making their much-needed return, this nightclub is offering something a little different.

ATIK, in Colchester, is renting out GoPros and harnesses to punters so they can catch all their antics on film.

You can even pay extra to have your own edited movie filled with highlights.

The club made the announcement on its Facebook, with the post racking up 209 likes and 1.8 thousand comments.

It says:

“Do you or your friends suffer from memory loss after a night out? We got you! This summer you will be able to hire a GoPro and harness to record the whole of your night out, for an additional fee we will edit together your highlights! GoPro or Go Home!”

And it has divided opinion.

One guy said, “Looool everyone will be getting nicked and all the birds will end up single.”

Another said, “ermmmm maybe not.”

A third said, “Whoever at attik thought this was a great idea needs a new job.”

But others seemed keen.

One person said, “now we can find out where it all goes wrong.”

Another said, “how hilarious would that be to watch back.”

Sounds to us like the shame clouds have found their new home for the next while.

The club isn’t the first to offer patrons GoPros.

Pryzm nightclub in Nottinghamshire offered the exact same thing last summer for a price of £15 a head.

Would you dare to watch it back?

Image Via Alamy.