Remember when it was 2008 and all was good in the world?

Manchester United were crowned champions of Europe, Katy Perry was singing about kissing girls, I was 16 and in the prime of my life, and above all else, the world was actually full of optimism for once at the first black president, Barack Obama, being elected into the White House.

Fast-forward 10 years and Manchester United are a shell of their former selves thanks to a certain dinosaur at the helm, Katy Perry hasn’t had a good song in years, I’m 26, fat and lonely, and we have an America – where a reported 11 million people think like the alt-right – run by their equivalent of Alan Sugar.

What the hell happened?

I honestly couldn’t tell you, but it seems to me like this steady decline has occurred ever since everyone’s favourite married couple, the Obamas, gradually went off our screens.

However, back in May it was revealed that Michelle and Barack would be producing their own series of shows for Netflix, although the finer details were still unknown.

That is, until now, as according to Deadline the Obamas’ first project will be about Trump’s dysfunctional administration.

According to Deadline, which was reporting on Thursday’s episode of Katie Couric’s podcast, Barack and Michelle have acquired the rights to Michael Lewis’s book The Fifth Risk, which describes how Trump’s failure to understand the basic structure of the government after succeeding Obama – as well as the broken state of federal agencies – has left many of the government’s departments severely understaffed or overseen by incompetent officials.

In a recent interview about his book, Lewis explained:

“The Trump administration just didn’t show.

“Across the government, parking spaces were empty, and nice little finger sandwiches that had been laid out went uneaten, and briefing books went unopened—to the point where, when I roll in a few months later, I’m the first person who’s heard the briefing that the Trump administration was supposed to get.”

Entertainment Weekly have reported that the goal of the series it to “come up with a series for Netflix to help people better understand the government.”

It’ll be interesting to see what this series turns out like, but essentially it sounds like the Obamas are going to give their own take on why everything’s seemingly gone down the sh*tter at the moment.

It’s worth adding that Lewis’ books have a history of successfully translating onto the screen too; The Big Short – about the financial crisis of 2008 – and Brad Pitt/Jonah Hill’s Moneyball, are both based on books he’s written.

The New York Times originally reported that Obama did not intend to “wage a public campaign against his successor” with these shows – he may have had a change of heart by the sounds of it.

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