It’s virtually impossible to keep up with TV these days.

In the past you’d have a few select shows on certain channels that you’d tune in to every week for as long as the series lasted. The choice and quality would be so diverse that really you might only have 5-6 shows you actually watch.

These days, though, with the advent of streaming platforms such as Netflix, there’s just a constant, steady supply of TV shows and films coming at you every week. People obsess over them for a short period of time and then they go straight onto the next one.

I think we’ve found that ‘next one.’

Russian Doll is an eight-episode TV series following game developer Nadia – played by Natasha Lyonne, who you’ll know best from Orange Is The New Black – as she dies over and over and over again.

In a Groundhog Day-type situation she is then forced to relive the evening repeatedly dying in increasingly unexpected and painful ways after each reset.

And the worst part? It keeps happening on her birthday. Poor gal.

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Don't ask. It's a long story involving multiple deaths.

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Natasha not only stars in Russian Doll, but she’s also the co-creator of it, along with Leslye Headland, and Parks And Recreation’s Amy Poehler. So you know it’s bound to be good.

Speaking to INSIDER about Lyonne’s main character, Leslye Headland said:

“At the beginning of the show you have this protagonist that is very guarded, shields up, ready to take on the night and make the choices she wants to make.

“And slowly, little by little… she has to get deeper and deeper into her psyche, into her own self, into her history, and find that tiny doll essentially, and maybe not confront it, but make peace with it, in order to become whole again.”

Starring in the black comedy is Chloe Sevigny and Natasha’s Orange Is The New Black co-star Dascha Polanco.

They’re joined by Greta Lee (KTown), Yul Vazquez (Captain Phillips), Elizabeth Ashley (Ocean’s 8), Charlie Barnett (Chicago Fire), Brendan Sexton III (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri) and Rebecca Henderson (Orange Is The New Black).

Russian Doll is due for release 1st February 2019 on Netflix – check out the brilliant trailer below:

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