A woman has explained how she manages to orgasm without a single touch.

London influencer Maya Ansar has coined the term “think off” for her incredible ability to climax without laying a finger on her body.

In the TikTok video, she said: “Me depressed because I’m horny and he’s not in the mood.

“Until I remember, I can ‘think off’ and c*m using only my mind.”

Speaking to Vice, the influencer revealed that she doesn’t have to think about anything to get her going.

She said:: “I don’t have to fantasize or anything, I just have to think ‘come’ and it happens,

“It’s literally about being so in tune with your mind and body and realizing that an orgasm is more mental than anything else.”

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The influencer went on to say that there is no difference between an orgasm achieved through penetrative sex and the one she experiences with just her mind.

She added: “The orgasm I have from thinking off is exactly the same as a penetrative orgasm, deep within my core and it sends waves through my entire body.

“It’s an amazing talent and I consider myself blessed and want thinking off to be normalized.”

One TikToker responded to Maya’s revelation by saying that they shared the unusual ability.

They said: “Gurl! I thought I was the only one!!! Weeeeee blessed.”

Also speaking to Vice, Christina Jenson, a physical therapy doctor in Tennessee, said that she cultivated a non-physical method for achieving an orgasm by harnessing her pelvic and breathing muscles.

Jenson added that her daily routine involves yoga, meditation and pelvic floor exercises.


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She said: “These orgasms for me are meditative—I definitely have to have a quiet mind and be focused on my breath and my internal self in order to be successful.

She added: “They feel different from ‘regular orgasms’ in that they take much longer to achieve and the entire process is more gradual.

“That said, once I achieve an orgasmic state, I can stay there as long as I’m able to maintain my focus.”

Tantra, a philosophy derived from the Buddhist and Hindu faiths, is most commonly referred to when discussing orgasms achieved through breathing.

It is alleged that the ancient technique can generate sexual energy in a person through a series of exercises.

Nowadays, Tantra has become a popular substitute for more traditional forms of sex.

Is this a skill you would like to have?

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