Netflix appear to have struck gold again with their latest original Bird Box.

Bird Box stars Sandra Bullock, and is set five years after an unseen presence drives most of society to suicide. We follow Bullock as she tries to guide her family to safety. It’s all very creepy, here’s the trailer.

It was released on Netflix five days ago, and it’s another one of those that didn’t impress the critics but is going down positively with those who matter, the audience. It’s being compared to A Quiet Place and The Happening, although the movie is based on a book that was predates both of those.

Stephen King gave it a glowing review, and his opinion goes pretty far on this kind of thing.

So whilst critics have been busy deciding whether or not the film is actually any good, the good people of Twitter have been churning out some golden memes. There’s so much weird stuff goes on in this movie, with so many moments that make you want to scream, that it’s fertile land for memes. Here’s some of the best.

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