It’s a coincidence that this has recently become a thing because only a week ago I was re-watching the first American Pie film and, though admittedly I enjoyed it, it kept crossing my mind that they absolutely, categorically would not get away with making that film today.

Almost everything about it; the glaring sexual assault, objectification of women, the (on reflection) genuine lack of any non-white people (except for the milf guy), and literally broadcasting a naked girl masturbating to a whole school against her will.

*On that note, why was Nadia not p*ssed off at Jim and why did no-one mention her, only Jim cumming twice?*

It’s a product of its time, I guess, which is a weird thing to say about something that only came out, like, 19 years ago but a lot has changed in the last ten-or-so years.

But as I said, people are watching it now and they’re not impressed…

The films are pretty sexist, that’s for sure, but even if they don’t think they are, most 16-18-year-old guys who are desperate to get laid are pretty sexist and that’s what the films are about.

Stifler is definitely a misogynistic person but we laugh at him, not with him. When he parades about slapping girls’ arses, we don’t think he’s cool, we think he’s a dick, albeit a lovable one (something he probably shouldn’t be considered). Granted, he never faces the consequences that he should, but the films maybe aren’t as evil as some people are saying they are.

Up until a point, pretty much every big film was written and directed by straight white men who were products of their upbringing. If you look at most films pre-2010, you’ll probably find that they’re subtly sexist or racist or homophobic and most of the time, that won’t be on purpose. It’s not a good thing and there’s no defending old attitudes, but it is a good thing that we can now look back and realise.

Even everybody’s beloved (and dangerously overrated) F.R.I.E.N.D.S is having the problematic stick waved at it by angry Twitterers, whether that’s because of fat-shaming young Monica or Ross not letting little Ben play with a Barbie!

The answer is obvious and that’s to not watch certain things that offend you but this should -and will- be a lesson to film and TV makers in the present and future: don’t be bad people.

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