Say what you like about JK Rowling’s original works and how they changed your life for the better, but these days she’s just a f*cking nightmare.

She simultaneously stays in the public eye by messing with Harry Potter lore (which if anyone was going to, I suppose it should be her), and tweeting ridiculously obvious sentiments perpetuated by more eloquent and erudite people before her.

Theresa May is silly and racism is a bad,” she’ll post on the public forum before someone scoops it up and turns it into an article filled with gifs and random bold paragraphs in all caps, titled JK Rowling Just Slaaaayyedd Twitter With Her Latest… Tweet, before encouraging you to find out what type of ice cream you are going by your choice of Disney prince.

Anyway, in her endless quest to be seen as “woke”, Rowling will say literally anything, and most of her musings have to do with adding some kind of banal fact to the Harry Potter canon.

People have started to notice this and out of that, the Woke JK Rowling meme was born. It’s beautiful…

I love it.

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