As a child, I always hated being a summer baby. Celebrating my birthday in June felt like turning up to a New Year’s Eve party at 3am – for some reason – when everyone’s done celebrating and heading to bed.

Out of all of my friends, I was one of the last to be allowed to legally drink, gamble, and drive and how on earth is that fair? I was much smarter than most of them; their parents just got hornier sooner than mine did.

Horrible thought. Sorry.

It also meant – ignoring the fact that I was (and still am) small – that most people in my school year had done more growing than I had, and I never really stood a chance in sports and the like. There really were very few perks, but it does mean that I now get to celebrate my birthday in a beer garden.

That doesn’t compare to the privilege that January babies have though, as a new study has revealed that they are more likely to become rich and successful than losers born in other months… like me… and probably you.

Published in the Journal of Social Sciences, the research looked at 100 celebrities, all in different fields such as politicians, entrepreneurs, humanitarians, singers, actors, athletes, scientists, and authors, and found that the majority of them were born in January and February.

Furthermore, people born between 20th January and 18th February were more likely to hit the big time as shown by the fairly eclectic group of celebrities, such as Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, Cristiano Ronaldo, Jennifer Aniston, Bob Marley, Michael Jordan, Abraham Lincoln, Ashton Kutcher and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Furthermore, a study of S&P 500 companies from 1992 to 2009 found that January babies are more likely to be CEOs, which is probably something to do with the clout they get from being amongst the biggest and oldest in their school year and if that’s not enough, they also have less to worry about on a health basis.

Experts at the Columbia University Department of Medicine believe that January babies are considered low risk for many illnesses, including cardiovascular, reproductive, respiratory or neurological diseases.

How is any of this fair.

I guess if you’re thinking of having a kid, wait until around April or May until you start trying. For their sake.

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