You know when you’re ill and you think ‘man I really took not being ill for granted a few days ago. I’m sure as hell not going to make that mistake again’ and then you totally take it for granted until the next time you’re ill? That’s like the whole of the UK and Love Island.

On the face of it, having a blocked nose and a headache doesn’t seem all that bad, and something you could totally learn to live with, but you’re always wrong. Similarly, not seeing people making out in their beds with the cameras they use in Planet Earth to film the lions at night time seems like something we could live with. It’s not.

Genuine question, what did we do in the time before this year’s run of Love Island and last year’s? And what are we going to do in one and a half weeks when this season ends? Die? Maybe.

I digress, there’s new drama aboard the Love Island boat, and it involves new Jack and new Laura.

You’ll remember when Jack came in a couple of weeks ago and got with old Laura, only to drop her and pair off with new Laura instead. Semi-drama but that’s not what I’m getting at.

Later on, the two went on a romantic date to the beach and got to know each other better and all seemed to be going well between them. Lovely. But as some eagle-eyed fan worked out, the two of them potentially already had a past.

Twitter User, Lucy, dug deep into the pair’s lives and found what looks to be an advert for the gym chain – David Lloyd – featuring both Laura and Jack!

Some people aren’t convinced…

But some are…

I guess we’ll have to wait until Love Island is over because we’re not going to get any juice from the producers.

No, I’m sorry to have brought that up and I’m sure we’re all going to go through some serious withdrawal, travelling to Bournemouth to see Frankie do a club appearance in Cameo where he gets to pull every girl he looks at from his table flooded with Cîroc and various other fluids. Who am I kidding, he’d never do that to Samira.

Anyway, lots of people think the image is photoshopped and some think the girl isn’t Laura. What are YOU saying?

Images via ITV