Vegans and indeed veganism is rammed down your throat at every angle these days and for the most part, I get where they’re coming from.

In fact, I’ve tried eating more vegan food recently (the Linda McCartney vegan burgers are actually brilliant) in a bid to eat less meat, it’s just…bacon butties.

I could never go full vegan for a number of reasons (bacon butties being one) but the other is that all vegans are just tarred with the same brush.

Most vegans are fine, but the militant ones are really starting to give them a bad name, as well as that other slightly-annoying group that hides behind good intentions, PETA.

The animal rights group often go about spreading their message the wrong way; at the back end of last year they were heavily criticised for comparing anti-animal language to homophobia and racism, and now they’re in the news again for, bizarrely, barbecuing a fake dog.

The PETA protest – involving a prop dog – was designed to cause outrage and asked people: ‘If you wouldn’t eat a dog, why eat a lamb?

In a statement the animal rights organisation said:

“Anyone who’s repulsed by the prospect of chowing down on dog meat should question the incongruity of their compassion towards other animals.

“This is called speciesism – a form of discrimination based on nothing more than species – and like all forms of discrimination, it cannot be justified.

“As humans, we instinctively feel compassion and empathy for animals, but we’re taught that it’s OK to enslave and eat some of them, without a second thought as to who they are as individuals.”

The stunt was carried out at Pitt Street Mall in the centre of Sydney as millions of Australians prepare a big barbecue to celebrate Australia Day on Saturday.

PETA hoped people will reconsider what they cook this year .

Mostly, however, people were outraged by the stunt.

One witness said the organisation was “stooping to new lows” – and claimed they saw “some visibly upset kids” who were out and about during their summer break.

Another person who saw the stunt tweeted: “Just when you think PETA can’t get any lower, they pull a stunt like this, scaring small children in Sydney.

“How about stop pushing your agenda on everyone else?! You should be disgusted,” another said.

What were they thinking – how is a stunt like that going to endear people or create sympathy towards their cause?

They’re just rubbing people up the wrong way and negating the impact of their message.

Not cool, guys.

Images via PETA Australia