Game of Thrones hit the small screens back in early 2011 and no-one expected it to snowball the way it did. It’s now arguably the biggest TV drama of all time and it’s kick-started so many careers that it’s starting to look like Arsene Wenger.

You can’t move for TV shows and films with GoT actors in them these days. They’re like a virus… not necessarily a bad one but you know, they have a lot of clout.

Perhaps one of the most popular actors from the fantasy series is Peter Dinklage, who stole hearts across the world as Tyrion Lanister. Sure, we liked him before, with his roles in the likes of Death at a Funeral and Elf, but he really came into his element as the god of tits and wine.

And his performances didn’t go unnoticed as he’s been nominated seven times at the Emmy’s for ‘most outstanding supporting actor in a drama series’, winning twice before now and a third time yesterday night!

To win the award, Dinklage was up against Nikolaj Coster-Walda, who plays his onscreen brother, Jaime – so it wouldn’t have been an easy road to the top.

Previously, Dinklage had won the same Emmy in 2011 and 2015 for his work on Game of Thrones and and this makes three.

He thanked Coster-Waldau in his speech, who was lucky enough to have his first ever Emmy nomination this year, and maybe if Jaime survives later on, he might even be able to win it in 2019..?

Currently, Dinklage is working on the Angry Birds 2 movie, in which he voices the fabled Mighty Eagle – you may remember this character as the bird who pissed into a lake that the other angry birds drank from, blissfully unaware of it’s true contents.

That’s right, the angry birds drink piss in the Angry Birds movie!

Family fun.

Images via HBO, Sony