Episode two of KemCuts is now out and it’s a doozy!

Everyone’s favourite daytime TV presenter, Phillip Schofield gets involved this time and honestly, it’s a wild ride from start to finish.

We’re at the tail end of this lovely summer but that doesn’t mean ol’ Schof can’t get in on the sunny vibes with a fresh new trim from Romford’s very own Kem Cetinay.

So your guesses were right! The legend, The silver fox @schofe is in episode 2 of KemCuts OUT tomorrow. He had to get a cheeky cut ahead of his @thismorning comeback didn’t he 😛

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As the silver fox sits down, he prefaces the styling with:

Before you put the first brush through or make the first cut, I am back on This Morning, from my summer holidays, so what I don’t want is for it to be the feature of the day. ‘Phil and Holly back from their holidays, what happened to his hair.

Understandable, really. No one likes it when they get a new haircut and everyone keeps going on about it.

Kem tells Phil to chill and and enjoy the ride, with him replying “have you ever seen a grown man cry?” Seems like one person’s more into this experience than the other…

You have to sort of feel bad for Phil though since he’s obviously quite nervous – he has no clue what Kem’s going to do to his head and if ever you had doubts that Schof is a dangerously powerful man, he tell’s Kem:

I’ve never had to have a hairdresser killed, but I swear to god”.

Firm but fair.

But it’s not just having people assissinated that makes Phillip a force to be reckoned with – he’s also very particular about his pre-show breakfast..

There is a routine for me, I have three slices of cold, white, very well-done toast and it has to be cold, I don’t like the butter melting into it. My tea, it’s got to be very strong, hardly any milk and one and a half sugars. If you put too much milk in my tea I can’t drink it.”

He’s a man who knows what he likes, but will he like the hair cut?

It’s tense, for sure, but ultimately, I’d say he was pretty pleased. A job well done from Kem, and he gets to live another day.

You can watch this episode on IGTV now, and it’s embedded below…

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