It goes without saying that Piers Morgan is a real git of a guy.

For someone with such a chequered past he’s remarkably self-righteous, sitting on his throne in the Good Morning Britain studio berating anyone with a different opinion to his.

Having said that, he sure is entertaining.

The producers on the show clearly know what they are doing; put Piers in a room with someone with a contrarian view on something, press record on the cameras and watch those sweet, sweet viewing figures soar.

You’ll be glad to know that Piers is at it again this morning, shutting down a male model for ‘abusing’ him and Susanna Reid during a live TV debate about objectification.

Here we go, folks!

They were discussing a festive advert featuring a topless older male model, which model Richard Holt commented that he didn’t think there was anything wrong with it.

For reasons still unknown (jealousy?) Piers took exception with the way Richard expressed his point, before labelling him as an “annoying little twerp” and refusing to let him speak.

The whole interview got off to an awkward start when Susanna asked if Richard was in his fifties.

“I’m in my forties, thanks for asking,” he said.

Broadcaster and other guest Harriet Minter then started making her point before Richard began: “Sorry, I lost the will to live while you were speaking.”

Pretty rude.

“The reason we’re talking about it is because he looks great. He’s knocking on 60 years old, we’re talking about objectifying him.

“Most men love being objectified at any age. I don’t see what we have a problem with.”

As Piers tried to weigh in, Richard said: “You’re shouting so much that I now want to join Harriet’s side,” to which Piers told him to “shut up”.

Richard continued: “I now object to the fact that this man has his top off. I find it offensive.”

Susanna said: “I’m not sure what you think to be honest.”

Piers added: “You’re the worst guest we could have booked for this. You have no idea what you’re doing, you’re abusing everybody including the guests and the hosts.

“No, we’re done with you. Bye mate, nice to have you on.”

Even after the interview Piers was still fuming, saying: “We’ve never had a guest come on, he immediately insulted you, he immediately insulted the other guest, then turns on me, then changes his opinion and just complete…about face, and then carries on being obnoxious.

“He’s the worst guest we’ve ever booked, ever, in the history of Good Morning Britain which is quite something given the horror stories we’ve had. ‘The last thing he said was, “I don’t suppose I’ll be back”. I went, “No you won’t.” ‘You will never darken these doors again, you annoying little twerp.”


I don’t think the guy did much to be honest, maybe Piers had just woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

Susanna’s the real victim in all this anyway.

Imagine working and sitting next to Piers Morgan everyday of your life.

The woman deserves a medal.

Images via ITV/Twitter/Good Morning Britain