That Piers Morgan is a divisive and polarising figure is something that should go without saying (even though I just did) and something you don’t need me to tell you (something I also just did.)

However, considering that, he hasn’t half done well for himself, has he?

The former editor of the News of the World turned Britain’s Got Talent judge is currently plying his trade on the morning TV circuit, engaging in endless fiery debate on Good Morning Britain with pro-gun enthusiasts and feminists alike next to a crestfallen Susanna Reid, who might just be the unluckiest woman in the UK.

It’s the perfect job for Piers – who appears to love playing devil’s advocate and arguing for arguing’s sake – and today was no different, as he’s been butting heads with transgender model Munroe Bergdorf over the issue of gender fluidity.

The fierce debate came after the news that a school in Brighton had 40 children who do not identify with their gender, with the conversation between Morgan and Bergdorf descending into an all-out clash.

Munroe said Piers’ opinion was “bigoted”, while Piers said that the idea of children being gender fluid is a “farce”.

On Tuesday morning’s Good Morning Britain, Piers said:

“Where does this end? Do we end up with literally nobody in the future identifying as male and female?”

“Maybe,” Munroe replied.

“Why would you be happy with that?” Piers asked.

Munroe said:“Some people are trans and that’s the fact”.

It then started to get quite intense with Piers asking:

“Is it possible that they’ve all latched on to a fad that is getting more and more attention, and basically having their minds turned to gender fluidity?”

When he insisted that he “completely supports the ethos of genuine transgenderism”, Munroe replied, “But you bring gender non-binary people onto your show and berate them.”

Piers responded: “I think it’s a farce personally,” to which Munroe replied, “That’s your own bigoted opinion.”

The presenter shot back:

“I don’t think it’s bigoted. If people decide one day they’re male, one day they’re female, next day back to male, I think it’s ridiculous.”

“That’s because you’re a cis straight man,” Munroe said.

The two were also joined by Stephanie Davies-Aria from Transgender Trend who says children are being treated with an “adult political ideology” and that we are “imposing the label ‘transgender’ onto children.”

Here’s what people were saying about the issue:

While these debates are entertaining and raise a number of interesting issues, you just know there’s never going to be any conflict resolution.

The producers aren’t daft, though; they know Piers will always rise to the debate and challenge the guest when perhaps other presenters wouldn’t.

And that’s why – despite us not admitting it – we don’t really mind him.

Images via ITV/Twitter/Good Morning Britain