Piers Morgan frequently starts a war of words with people, but now he’s said he’ll fight Nicola Adams in the boxing ring.

Problem is, Nicola is a prize-winning fighter, so Piers might have bitten off more than he can chew this time around.

It came about after the former boxing world champion appealed for a celebrity opponent to take on.

Nicola is a double Olympic gold medallist. Many fans responded to her plea, saying she should punch Piers.

However, Nicola refused as she wants to face off against a woman.

She tweeted: “”Which famous person would you like to see me fight ??? I know you want Piers Morgan but it needs to be a female [laughing emoji].”

In typical controversial Piers fashion, he replied: “I’m currently identifying as female… bring it on.”

He regularly makes jibes about gender identities, and it seems he couldn’t resist the chance to make an “identifies as” quip.

Piers may be taller and heavier, however fans still think he would lose.

They fancy Nicola’s chances against the mouthy broadcaster.

One commented: “Sorry but Nicola in the third lol.”

Another wrote: “You would not stand a chance against Nicola Adams ( not many would :).”

A third said: “She’d wipe the floor with you. You wouldn’t last two rounds mate!”

One thing Piers would probably excel at is the required trash-talking before the match.

After all, he’s made a substantial career from it, regularly clashing with guests on Good Morning Britain. 

He’s also used to picking fights with women, what with his repeated verbal onslaughts against Meghan Markle, calling her Princess Pinocchio. His jibes about her resulted in him quitting GMB, and he received a record number of complaints.

His previous statistics when it comes to fighting don’t look particularly promising, either.

Back in 2004 when he was famously punched by Jeremy Clarkson at the Press Awards.


Oh, dear.

On the other hand, medal-winning Nicola, nicknamed The Lioness, won gold in both the London and Rio Olympics, and at the World and European Championships and Commonwealth Games.

She was so successful she turned professional, leading her to pick up the WBO Flyweight title before retiring due to an eye injury.

Nicola then tried out Strictly Come Dancing as well, appearing as part of the first same-sex couple ever to appear on the series.

Sadly she had to quit the show after testing positive for Covid-19.

Nicola tweeted: “I’m currently in training for my next fight against Piers Morgan, it’s only right that we host the fight at the Emirates stadium being both Arsenal supporters.”

Piers replied: “Nicola, I’m twice as big as you, and I sparred with Manny Pacquiao, had Mike Tyson backing away, and knocked Lennox Lewis out of The Apprentice. Time for a graceful retreat.”

She said “Let’s go” to his previous challenge.

Who do you think would win?

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