At this point I think Piers Morgan is just a massive troll.

All this time he’s been whipping up anger about vegan sausage rolls, Brexit and body image, when really he’s just a stooge planted by TV studios to create some kind of divide/debate.

And it works; everything the man says, controversial or otherwise, seems to make the headlines.

And it seems good ol’ Piers is up to his old tricks once again on Good Morning Britain today, as he’s gone off about ‘radical feminists’ agendas that are trying to ‘expunge’ traditional masculine roles.

Here we go…

The outspoken host was shocked when Susanna Reid read out a list of characteristics of “traditional masculinity” which the American Psychological Association have deemed to be harmful.

But Piers took issue with this, saying these characteristics helped Winston Churchill win the Second World War and should not be shunned, as well as using the example of Andy Murray as proof that traditional traits work.

“Everything that drove him to be that successful is harmful and must be stopped,” he ranted.

“Instead take your boys to a little corner and teach them how to cry all day.

“The main thrust of the subsequent research is that traditional masculinity marked by stoicism, competitive, dominance and aggression is harmful – those are the four things that drove Andy Murray.”

“It’s a bunch of radical feminists are trying to extinguish masculinity.

“The whole agenda is being driven by radical feminists who want to expunge masculinity and people being male – men behaving like men.”

“I’m sorry – it’s by the American Psychological Association – it’s not a bunch of radical feminists!,” Susanna said.

“Don’t let these people tell you, you can’t be stoic,” he continued.

“Or you can’t be tough, or you can’t be strong. What have we become in this country where being stoic is wrong? How would Winston Churchill have survived?

“Tell me that, radicals. How do you win a war against the Nazis, I went there, because there are great characteristics, and yes they are male and masculine.”

“They just want balance. Don’t be trapped – be more Andy Murray,” Susanna asserted.

Susanna, however, said she believed the APA were saying these characteristics are harmful if that is “all it is to be a man,” and pointed out that women are also able to be these things.

“Excuse me! I’m capable of all those things,” she commented.

Piers then asked if she agreed with the guidelines, and she replied: “I think if you feel that that’s all it is to be a man then yes it could be harmful.

“I think that’s what they’re saying.”

But Piers was not happy at all, replying: “Rubbish! You have no idea what they’re saying!”

This comes after Piers also explained the truth behind his recent hospital picture.

Speaking to Susanna Reid and the panel, he revealed it was a minor procedure that involved having a tube down his throat, and explained: “You’re supposed to be awake while it’s happening so you’re sort of aware.

Next thing I know I wake up in recovery. It’s all over, done, didn’t remember a thing. I had my phone on me and I’m basically in that picture I’m still half sedated, just come round, but my phone was near me, and they all left the room to let me have my rest. So I got the phone.

“I had no idea I’d done this, posted the picture.

“I then had a little chat with the consultant of which I had no memory at all, went on for a 10 minute chat. I was then allowed home in a cab, go home, sleep for two to three hours, wake up and there’s like a thousand messages from all round the world [going] “Are you alive? What’s going on?”

“I thought literally “what have I done?”

What have you done indeed, Piers…

Images via ITV/GMB/Twitter