This article is about sausage rolls and Piers Morgan.

On one hand you have something that shouldn’t be popular – weird non-descript pink “meat” coated in a greasy, pasty, pale shell – and then you have sausage rolls.

Little Monday joke for you there.

Anyway, you’ll remember that last week that, in a surprising move, Morgan ruffled a few feathers by essentially denouncing veganism and calling Greggs out for releasing a vegan sausage roll.

Well, pretty much everyone was on Greggs’ side (because they’re fast food’s good guys) and tweeted at Piers, telling him that he was a pr*ck and we thought the feud was over.

Not so, as – giving Greggs some more free publicity – Morgan had a bite of their new vegan-friendly pastry on the morning TV show that he inexplicably hosts, Good Morning Britain, alongside people who clearly hate him; chiefly the lovely and wonderful Susanna Reid.

As you may suspect, the man who was fired by CNN for being himself made a huge meal (not a pun) out of not enjoying the vegan sausage roll and while most adults would have a bite and then calmly declare “yeah not for me, really”, he winces the whole way through like a child getting a flu jab and then “vomits” it into a bucket that he conveniently had next to him; almost as if he’s predetermined that he wouldn’t enjoy the snack.

As you may have suspected, the general consensus on Twitter didn’t change, and everyone still thinks he’s a sensationalist cabbage of a man.

So yeah, no-one’s on his side.

Well, I say that…

That’s settled then. The vegans lost.

Sorry guys.

Images via ITV