Piers Morgan is now attacking… the NHS.

The former Good Morning Britain presenter has blasted “reckless and selfish” NHS and care home staff who refuse the vaccine.

The hostile Piers has said that those working in health care who do not want the vaccine should be sacked for not doing their bit in the fight against Covid.

In a tweet posted this morning, the 56-year-old said: “NHS and Care Home staff who refuse to be vaccinated need to leave their jobs and do something that requires less reckless selfish disregard for the health & wellbeing of their patients/residents.”

One person replied: “I had a blood clot on my lungs from the second jab. Nearly died. I don’t blame anyone for being careful over this jab now. An I was all in favor of mine. People should not be given the Astra one. I will not have an Astra Zeneca booster ever!”

Another said: “You are being a little bit slanderous. It is a personal choice for one to be vaccinated. Stop this bullish behavior.”

A third said: “Oh yes….. NHS and nurses. Here’s your shit salary and on top of that here’s this very dubious trial vaccine you need to have too or do one !!!”

While some agreed with his antagonistic remarks.

One said: “I can’t understand why they wouldn’t have it their job is to care for Vulnerable and elderly people the most affected by COVID. Pretty selfish to not have it.”

Another said: “Wtf!? If my loved one was in a care home, & some staff wasn’t vaccinated… I’d be seriously worried! It’s about health. It’s their choice not to get vaccinated I understand but as Piers says “‘do something else!'”

The Life Stories host made his thoughts clear after it was announced that the vaccine would be mandatory for the majority of the 1.5 million people employed in social care in England,

The Guardian has reported that the measures could be put in place for all NHS staff.

The plans stipulate that individuals working with adults have 16 weeks to get their vaccine or face unemployment.

As it stands, a little over half of adult care homes are meeting requirements to have 80% of their staff vaccinated, leaving 150,000 people at risk as the figures are not hitting SAGE’s targets.

The British Medical Association said on Tuesday that “compulsion is a blunt instrument that carries its own risks”.

Should the vaccine be mandatory for NHS and care home staff?

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