Could it have been any worse? Piers Morgan certainly doesn’t think so as the highly anticipated Friends reunion airs today in the UK.

It has been 17 years since the show ended, and fans have been hoping to see the cast back together for some time now. Of course, Piers Morgan had something to say about televisions’ most hotly anticipated reunion. Notorious for nothing if not his outspoken opinions, Morgan took to Twitter calling Friends “the most overrated show in TV history.”

Perhaps his hatred of the show stems from his own his lack of friends and absent sense of humour.

However it appears that Piers was not alone in his loudly voiced opinions for once. According to the people of Twitter, the show unfortunately did not live up to the 17 years of hype or expectation that it had built up for the loyal fans.

There were some sweet notes of nostalgia peppered in like the classic Ross-led trivia game that was a much-loved part of the original series. Also, Matt LeBlanc, who played Joey, took part in a game to see if he could still pick out his identical twin hand from the hilarious Vegas episodes.

However, the onslaught of guest appearances, some of which have no connection to the show whatsoever (excuse me, why is Justin Bieber here?) and the baseless James Corden interview left little to be desired for most.

There are some of us, however, who loved seeing the cast grace our screens together after all these years.

And to be fair, the table read, and the backstage cast reunion did have us reaching for the tissues too.

We were missing Paul Rudd, who played Mike in the show, which would have been an excellent addition.

Also, where are all the David heads at?

The reunion wasn’t what we were expecting and probably won’t live long in anyone’s memory for long because what everyone really wanted was a scripted episode or a movie.

Although, during the James Corden interview, Lisa Kudrow pretty much squashed everyone’s dreams when she said, “At my age, to be ‘floopy’? Stop. You have to grow up!”

For fans of the show in China, where Friends is hugely popular, the guest appearances from BTS, Lady Gaga, and Justin Bieber were nowhere to be seen.

The Chinese government axed the footage of all three artists as it claims they have all insulted China in the past.

Although, to be honest, cutting them out probably made for better viewing.

Was a reunion best avoided?

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