Police in Scotland have warned locals to be extra vigilant after sightings of a black panther in the wild have been reported.

Whilst Disney have confirmed Black Panther will be returning in a second instalment to the franchise, the two events seem unrelated.

Residents in Drongan and Coalhall – places that sound like they belong in Harry Potter – are being advised not to approach the animal if they happen across it, Meanwhile, people in Hawaii are being advised not to jump into volcanoes, no matter how “delicious” the lava looks.

The big cat was spotted at 08:45 this morning in a field popular with dog walkers. A spokesperson for the Police said:

Officers are currently working with the SSPCA to locate the animal which may be injured.

The area is popular with dog walkers so care should be taken and if anyone sees the animal we would ask you not to approach it, but to contact Police via 101 quoting incident number 0780 of Friday 19 October 2018.

If reports of the black panther sighting are true, it is unknown how it ended up where it did. Police suspect it either broke loose from a zoo or a sanctuary. Terrifying that that can happen.

Annoyingly, the Scottish SPCA have since said that they’re “unequipped” to help the police in such a scenario.

Animal Rescue Officer Alistair Hill said:

We can confirm we have received reports regarding a possible panther sighting in Ayr.

We have liaised with Police Scotland and informed them that we are unequipped to deal with such animals and therefore will not be involved in investigating the incident.

Be safe out there, people.

That said, only a few years ago people were scared sh*tless about the “Essex Lion” which turned out to be a slightly bigger-than-usual cat.

Let’s see how this pans out.

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