When I was 13, I [somehow] broke my arm landing awkwardly when I was made to have a go at long jump at school. I thought that sandpit was there to protect me but no, I fractured my radius and humerus head and had to have my arm in a right-angle cast for a couple of months.

In that time, I lost every little morsel of fitness I had and in the years since, I’ve never gained it back. It’s an unhealthy way to live my life but the moment I decided I was going to do something about it coincided with my discovery of alcohol and that obviously took precedent.

I’m not proud.

In a way, I blame my school – one that prided itself in excelling at sport – for neglecting me in the months it took me to recover but equally, I did nothing to make things any better for myself. I just sat in the cricket pavilion, making caramel with the plug-in stove for the conveyor belt of sick kids every week trying to do their homework.

What I needed was a principal like what Xi Guan Primary School in China’s Shanxi Province have.

The head-of-school taught himself the shuffle dance and he makes his students follow his lead, in a bid to keep them fit and offer them alternatives to simply sitting in front of a computer all day.

He’s so dangerously dapper. Look at him dancing with relative ease while his students follow impeccably. You’d never see anything like this in England and that’s a crying shame.

The one thing that sums it all up for me is right here, courtesy of @koshulli…

Images via Twitter