Royal Mail bosses have deemed the flying of England flags ‘hazardous’.

In a move that has sparked outrage, bosses at Royal Mail have laid down the law and banned their 100,000 posties from waving the England flag during Euro 2020.

Flags have been prohibited from flying on the organization’s 45,000 vans and lorries with many blaming it on a new “woke attitude”.

Postmen and women are distraught that they cannot show patriotism and their love for the Three Lions during the tournament.

One employee said: “We want to show a bit of patriotism, but the woke attitude means bosses won’t let us fly flags now.”

Another said: “We can’t show our support for England due to health and safety.”

A third told the Daily Mail: “It’s bonkers, frankly. Many posties are football fans and want to show their support for England – but we’re not allowed to do so.”

It has been reported that even stickers and mini flags have been barred from staff trolleys.

The controversial decision has flared a lot of tempers.

One Twitter user said: “If they don’t like patriotism maybe they should remove the word Royal from Royal mail after all Royal means a form of patriotism or are they just hypocrits”

Another said: “We live in #England #FFS. We should be able to fly our flag anytime anywhere”

A third said: “Who exactly within Royal Mail made this decision, I am quite sure it was not our posties!! NAME & SHAME PLEASE!”

While some seemed to support the move.

“Who flies any flag at work? Do your playground things at home”, one Twitter user said.

Royal Mail said it “prohibits temporary fixtures being attached to vehicles.

“Such items can also pose a potential hazard to other road users if they are lost when the vehicle is moving. Road safety for our drivers and other road users is our top priority.”

Adding: “Flags should not be flown on vehicles as Royal Mail has a duty of care both to all employees and to members of the public.

“This is a company-wide policy which covers flags and stickers on trollies, bikes, vans and lorries.

“No other flag or insignia should be carried next to the Royal Mail brand and insignias.”

The firm added that flags will be displayed in “offices up and down the country” instead and it will play “live radio commentary on PA systems during matches”.

The Royal Society of St George responded, saying: “We encourage people to fly flags to show their support.”

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