Imagine having this on your CV.

On Monday fourth of February, a trail jogger was attacked from behind by a mountain lion while running in Colorado.

The unnamed man was running alone in the foothills of the Horsetooth Mountain Park in northern Colorado when it happened. As he recounts, as he ran he heard a noise behind him, so turned to investigate (seems like a perfectly good time to carry on running, to me).

When he stopped, that’s when a young mountain lion pounced, attacking him with a fight to the death ensuing.

The lion bit the runner on the face and wrist, before he managed to get on top of it and – seriously – get it in a choke hold.

Eventually said lion was asphyxiated by the runner. He suffocated a lion. Obviously I’m not saying that’s a good thing but it seems like a remarkable feat of strength, especially when you consider that he was probably already a bit knackered (since he’d been running) and he has some serious injuries. I think he may be Hercules.

While the man’s injuries were serious, they were not life-threatening, and he was able to get himself to a hospital. When there he asked that the lion’s body was recovered, which it was, promptly being taken to a state health lab for examination.

Apparently the lion weighed at least 36 kilograms (80lbs) which isn’t huge at all, but it had the element of surprise on its side.

It goes without saying that it’s a terrible shame that a mountain lion died but at least it wasn’t at the hands of a trophy hunter or literally anyone who went out with the express intention of ending an animal’s life.

He choked a lion.

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