It’s hard to know how long this is going to go on.

Obviously I don’t want it to end but you’d just assume that one day either Ryan or Hugh would run out of steam but they’re really going at it with everything they have.

For years now, the two have trolled each other non-stop on Twitter, with Hugh Jackman mostly being the person on the receiving end from Reynolds, rather than the other way around.

Although that all looked set to change when the two declared an official truce, agreeing to each make adverts for one-another’s company.

That didn’t go particularly well…

And now they’re back to normal.

Anyway, with the Grammy’s now in our wake, the internet is rife with gossip from the awards ceremony and of course we have to talk about Jackman…

His film, The Greatest Showman, won the Grammy for Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Medium – an award that Deadpool 2 was in for.

So when Jackman posted this video to Twitter, celebrating the win, Reynolds had to respond…

So creative. So subtle.

That truce really is off.

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