When Faceapp first came out, I discovered that my type is me but as a woman. Some people travel to India to find something out about themselves but I downloaded a £1.99 app and it’s fair to say that I’m pretty gutted with who I am now.

That’s life, I guess. I even made girl-me a Tinder profile (not to be weird, it was for an article), and I got a dangerous amount of matches. After that I returned to being Alfie and I’ve never really gotten over that high of being a beautiful young lady since.

Alright I’ve digressed here. What I meant to say is that using Faceapp – or something similar – online purveyors of content, “BUZZNET”, made Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman (and others) look like women, and along the way made the startling realisation that female Jackman looks uncannily like actor Blake Lively, Reynolds’ wife.

If you look at the whole image posted on the tweet, all of the lady-versions of the actors are pretty gorgeous. You just can’t beat good bone structure, can you? I suppose a decent personality helps…

Anyway, the general consensus was that BUZZNET were right, and Hugh Jackwoman does look a lot like Blake Lively. To be fair, they’re not a million miles off…

That was probably the wrong picture to choose.

Regardless, Ryan Reynolds agrees, and he’s not happy about it…

Poor guy; that’s his nemesis/idol. Almost the last person you want your wife to look like.

I’d kill for a wife who looked like Hugh Jackman.

Mind you, at this stage I’d kill for a Hugh Jackman.

Images via Getty, Twitter