Let’s be honest, we were all pretty shocked when we learned there would be a Pikachu film. We were even more shocked when we learned that Pikachu would be a detective.

Imagine our shock when it turned out that Ryan Reynolds would be the voice of the electric mouse…

The synopsis for the film reads:

In a world where people collect pocket-size monsters (pokemon) to do battle, a boy comes across an intelligent monster who seeks to be a detective.

As if we needed to be told that they’re called Pokemon…

Watch the trailer here…

Wow. Just wow.

So that’s what Pokémon look like in live-action – I did always wonder. I want to see how they go for Machoke; he’s literally just a jacked, grey man.

So Ryan Reynolds voices Pikachu – who wants to be a detective – and can only be heard by one guy, whose dad was a legendary detective (I think?) and has gone missing.

Naturally they team up to try and find the dad in question, and I presume all will end well.

Detective Pikachu will be in cinemas 10th May 2019. I can’t wait.

Images via Warner Bros.