The Christmas adverts continue to roll in as companies try tirelessly to sell their products by any means possible… except actually showing their products.

It’s a weird position that we’ve found ourselves in now where if a supermarket actually shows their food in a Christmas advert, you know they’re either tacky and cheap or Marks and Spencer.

I don’t understand it at all, really.

Anyway, Sainsbury’s have released their addition to the Christmas pile and while it’s 100% okay, a lot of people thought it seemed eerily familiar.

In the Sainsbury’s ad – directed by The Greatest Showman’s Michael Gracey – a child nervously sings the first verse to ‘You Get What You Give’ by the New Radicals in a school Christmas play, before ultimately finding her confidence and singing it with a parade of children, all dressed up as various different elements of a Christmas day.

It’s dangerously heartwarming, of course, and like I say, absolutely nothing to do with Sainsbury’s, but it does seem to share a lot of similarities to an advert that John Lewis & Partners released in September, where a bunch of children in a school play sing Bohemian Rhapsody.

They even have the same message at the end…

Speaking of how the advert is similar to that of John Lewis, Laura Boothby, head of broadcast marketing at Sainsbury’s, said to

We started work on this in January and the thing we were really inspired about is every single school up and down the country is doing a nativity play.

That’s really what this is about. I don’t think you question it’s from Sainsbury’s. We’ve got black and white at the beginning, there’s orange all the way through, so I’m not worried about it.

What we’ve created is a really lovely piece of festive joy and I think that’s how people will view it.

Since John Lewis’ ad was released while Sainsbury’s were working on theirs, Laura was asked how she reacted to it. She explained:

When John Lewis launched, they set a standard.

But as I said, I wasn’t worried because I think what we’ve got is right for Sainsbury’s. It’s got such a Christmas feel, school plays happen at Christmas so for me it wasn’t a worry. It was still the right thing for us.”

They are so similar though…

Oh well, we’ll wait and see what John Lewis’ Christmas ad is like. For all we know, they could have totally copied that advert where a guy is milking a giraffe for Skittles. That would be out of character for them but you never know…

Images via Sainsbury’s, John Lewis