A lot has happened in the 14 years since a certain nightmarish yet oddly endearing green loner entered our lives: Instagram models are a… thing, Trump somehow became president, people went bonkers for avocados, and Manchester City were – unfortunately – transformed into Premier League title winners by a rather wealthy member of the Abu Dhabi ruling family.

Indeed, the world has changed, but one thing remains: a nostalgic cult following for that Salad (?) with the long fingers, Salad Fingers.

Now, I was pretty unaware of the whole Salad Finger phenomenon until a boy called Liam showed me an episode in the back of one of my first maths classes in secondary school.

At first I was deeply perturbed and grossed out by him, but after a while Liam grew on me and now we’re best friends.

Anyway, that terrifying, disturbing, and royally messed up little genius (Salad Fingers) is the brainchild of animator David Firth, and is most known for his various misadventures with rusty spoons, nettles, Hubert Cumberdale and little baby Yvonne.

But now, Mr. Fingers is back, with Firth resurrecting the character to celebrate his millionth YouTube subscriber.

And how better to celebrate such a landmark moment?

With a creepy birthday party, of course.

Check it out below:

What a blast from the past that is.

The video sees Salad Fingers sat around a table in his usual post-apocalyptic setting with a spoon, several severed fingers, a cake and, of course, Hubert Cumberdale.

The character says:

“Hello. Today I’d like to thank you for one million little tiny billiard people that I get to keep in my little billiard box.”

Cumberdale then makes an appearance with Salad Fingers saying the pair haven’t seen each other in 23 years.

Hubert then reveals his manky gnashers before stating that he’s happy and bursting into flames.

Standard Salad Fingers.

After viewing the video I spent a little too long down a David Firth-sized YouTube wormhole, I’ll admit.

I completely forget that he was the mastermind behind Burnt Face Man too.

If you’re at work and looking for something to pass the time on this here Monday afternoon, I suggest you check it out.

You won’t be disappointed.

Images via David Firth/YouTube