It’s already being touted as a historical event, as Scotland will become the first country to teach lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex rights in the school curriculum.

It will become compulsory for state schools in Scotland to teach their pupils the history of LGBTI equality and the movements involved, as well as delving into homophobia and transphobia. They will also be exploring LGBTI identities, as ministers accepted the proposal, led by the Time for Inclusive Education (TIE) campaign.

Jordan Daly, the co-founder of TIE, said:

This is a monumental victory for our campaign, and a historic moment for our country. The implementation of LGBTI inclusive education across all state schools is a world first. In a time of global uncertainty, this sends a strong and clear message to LGBTI young people that they are valued here in Scotland.

The deputy first minister, John Swinney, said:

Scotland is already considered one of the most progressive countries in Europe for LGBTI equality. I am delighted to announce we will be the first country in the world to have LGBTI-inclusive education embedded within the curriculum.

Our education system must support everyone to reach their full potential. That is why it is vital the curriculum is as diverse as the young people who learn in our schools.”

A TIE study found that a shocking nine in ten LGBTI people from Scotland have experienced homophobia in some capacity in school, so the new addition to the curriculum is a welcome and very necessary change.

Excellent news from Scotland. We only hope private schools in Scotland follow suit, joined by the rest of the UK and the world.

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