There’s not many things in this world that I’m scared of. I like to keep a safe distance between spiders and myself because they gross me out, and I live in constant fear of embarrassment.

That said, there’s one more thing I can’t do with, and that’s being in a body of water alone. I don’t care where it is, but I could be in a pool with a friend and as soon as they get out and I’m in there alone, I’m almost certain there’s a shark lurking in there somewhere.

It’s very irrational but I suppose it’s the aquatic version of thinking a monster’s going to eat your feet if they peek out from under your duvet. I think there’s a meme about it.

Obviously, that would never happen. Logistically, it’s hard to shift a shark from the ocean and into a pool just to kill someone and said shark absolutely wouldn’t thrive in a chlorine and child’s p*ss-filled tank of water.

It’s nothing I have to worry about… I thought.

This comes after a woman in China literally fell into a shark tank that was left open in a shopping centre. God knows what a shark tank is doing at a shopping centre but I guess you need something that shopping on Amazon can’t give you.

The woman in question was walking across a gangway and didn’t notice that the hatch leading to the shark tank was open, leading to her dropping down and hitting her head on the way… adds insult to injury.

In case you’re wondering, the tank was open because it was feeding time. Terrifying.

Luckily, the tank was only occupied by baby lemon sharks and two security guards promptly rushed to her aid.

The event took place in the Wuyue Plaza shopping complex in Jiaxing city, in east China’s Zhejiang province and the woman in question was an employee.

As a spokesman put it, the woman was an employee late for a meeting, and whilst not open to the public, the gangway is a shortcut that staff often use.

The gangway is off limits during feeding time but the employee was in a rush to get to a meeting.

She was quickly rescued from the tank and did not suffer any injuries.”

Images via YouTube