Friends, Friends, Friends.

We love it don’t we; in fact, as entertainment fans we really can’t get enough of it. I’m trying to think of a show that has as big a cult following as the iconic sitcom after finishing and I really can’t think of too many.

By now you’ve seen every episode at least 10 times and you probably think you know everything about it right?

Well, you might want to rethink that.

That’s because writer Kelsey Miller has penned the ‘ultimate’ book for fans of the hit 90s sitcom, revealing some intimate details about how the cast was chosen, and interestingly for us, some behind-the-scenes titbits.

One of the more fascinating things is that the show very nearly wasn’t set in Central Perk.

In the book, Miller explains that in the early 90s, people didn’t spend time sitting in cafés drinking coffee, so the network suggested they switch from Central Perk for a diner.

She goes on to quote one of the show’s producers, Kevin Bright as saying: “You gotta remember what time it was. Starbucks hadn’t really taken hold yet.”

Apparently the network agreed to the cafe but under one condition: they changed the colour of the sofa the friends sit on.

According to Kauffman the instantly recognisable orange sofa was originally meant to be beige, but everyone was happy to make the change.

But that’s not all, folks.

The sitcom was originally called Insomnia Café and later changed to Friend Like Us.

Friends Like Us later became Six of One, before eventually becoming Friends.

This comes after fan favourite character Janice revealed where her iconic laugh came from.


Images via NBC