Dads really are unsung heroes.

I always imagine that I’d be an utterly crap one, though; I’m notoriously useless with my hands so the notion of ‘fixing’ anything – something dads are famously good at – is beyond me.

I’m also selfish, irresponsible, and not that fond of kids – making me in many ways the antithesis of what it means to be a good dad.

Having said that, dads can often be easy to wind up, which only makes said winding up that much more fun.

Playing a practical joke on your pa is the absolute pinnacle of funny, mostly because they hate it, which is why this next video is so darn hilarious.

Twitter user Hope Reid has shared footage that shows her brother going above and beyond when ripping their dad, posting the following caption along with the video:

“My brother recorded every time he scared my dad and it’s f*ckin funny. “Scaring the sh*t out of Max: a compilation”

Check it out:

I’ve watched this three times.

It’s the variety of locations that he manages to scare his dad that gets me; he’s not even safe on the loo!

George, her brother, responded to the video to acknowledge his perfectly-crafted art that of scaring the bejesus out of his father.

There’s also been a lot of love for George’s tremendous compilation.

The thing is, dads are fair game in my opinion.

They’re the men responsible for bringing us into this cruel, dark world and it’s only fair we get our revenge from time to time.

If scaring the sh*t out of them is one of the ways to get them back, I’m all for it.

Here’s to you, dads of the world!

Images via Twitter