I tried to preface this article by thinking of the most offensive TV show or character and putting them to you. Honestly, I can’t think of one.

Channel Five’s The Wright Stuff gets pretty offensive sometimes and so does Loose Women. They’re both full of some very old-fashioned opinions and I’d say alienate a lot of people.

That said, there was once a sitcom about Hitler – the main character – living next door to a Jewish family in a block of flats and everyone spoke in Brooklyn accents. I’m not making this up – it was called Heil Honey I’m Home. Look it up.

That probably tops the list of offensive TV characters, no? Hitler…

That said, there was a survey recently that delved into that very matter; offensive shows and characters. It probably comes as no surprise to you that South Park, in some capacity, ranked top each time.

Senior Living spoke to “1,000 people from various generations”,  with “participants ranged in age from 18 to 89” and asked them what their thoughts were on offensive shows and characters. From what I can tell, this is exclusive to the US broadcasting schedule, but a lot of the choices are relevant overseas.

South Park came in first place, with 30.7% of votes, followed by Family Guy, with 10.5%… presumably because it’s offensively unfunny?

As for characters, the guy who cooked up a couple and fed them to their son in a chilli takes gold. That’s right, it’s Eric Cartman with 18.7%. Next up was Archie Bunker with 14.5% Yeah, not a clue either…

Here’s what the results look like…

Is Jerry Springer still going? I guess objectively, those kind of programmes are fairly offensive. Not too much of a surprise there.

As for the generation divide, the olds are more or less offended by gratuitous sex and violence, whilst younger people care more about representation, or lack thereof, of cultural minorities.

So as for both of them, what’s Game of Thrones not doing there?

Images via Senior Living, Comedy Central, Galaxy