At this point, three days after his deeply saddening passing, the tributes to comic book legend Stan Lee are still pouring in.

Everyone from teachers to actors are weighing in with their own reasons to love the writer and producer, including his forward-thinking attitude or his unparalleled imagination.

Stan Lee tried tirelessly to make everyone feel loved and valued in an evolving civilisation where hate was constantly brewing and fear was always over the horizon and that will never be forgotten.

With all of that in mind, it speaks to a man of his calibre’s testament that the appreciation was very much mutual. Mr Lee loved his fans more than life itself ad it shows in his speech, as he candidly discussed how much they meant to him.

One day when filming – days before his death – Lee was was filming and off the back of nothing, really, he began to talk about his fans and the meaning they bring to his life…

He changed the world more than most ever could.

Marvel Entertainment recently published their own heartfelt tribute to the man on YouTube that’s definitely worth a watch…

His memory lives on in his fans and his work.

R.I.P Stan Lee.

Images via Twitter